About the Photographer…

Why does every photography website have this page?  “Lens measuring” in most cases.  A chance to blow your own horn…  Well I am a modest, simple lover of photography who is lucky enough to be able to do it for a living. Yes, I have been published , peer-praised and won awards & contests – there you have it – I’m a professional, award-winning photographer.  If you need or want the gory details let’s do it over a cocktail one evening – you’re buying.

This is a professional photography website that is developed to showcase and sell photographic images and services  –  they speak for themselves.  In its purest form, this is what I see when I depress the shutter. Either you like the images I produce or you do not – no harm, no foul.

No list of accolades, awards or ribbons, will make these images any more appealing to you.  In fact they will probably just inflate my ego and prices accordingly.  As to hiring me for a freelance project – call me, lets have a human conversation and determine my compatibility for the project in-person. I would never expect to be hired based solely on a web site.

Simply put, It is my creativity to see, comprehend and compose these shots; and then solely my dedication and love of photography that allows me to be in the right place at the right time. Want to see what it is all about? Call/text/email me and join me on a shoot – I can always use someone to haul the camera bag and tripod…

John Stephenson

Always shooting in the beautiful mountains of western Wyoming and under the sunny sky’s of the Texas “Hill Country” – weather dependent

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